Place for Work-Life Innovation

SPACE SALLIM is a playground for citizens of Seoul that supports
new experiments that lead to various lifestyles leading to business
and blending their work and life.

Seoul Foundation of Women and Family

SPACE SALLIM is operated by Seoul Foundation of Women and Family(SFWF).
SFWF is a platform for gender equality of Seoul women and family.

SFWF is demonstrating great passion toward women and families, and clearing
the way for a better future. And SFWF envisions a Seoul where all women and
families enjoy greater happiness with the passing of each day.


  • Support for innovative women-led business

    In Korea, the startups' ecosystem is not favorable for women-led startups, and also a place that can consider the variety of work style does not exist.
    SPACE SALLIM works as the main hub for the women-led business ecosystem, to realize gender equality economy.
    We make places supporting various working styles of women.

  • Support for daily changes of various community members

    We are facing the fourth industrial revolution which changes the patterns of the work and life, therefore there are high expectations and demands on new public spaces dealing with this issue. SPACE SALLIM supports the necessities and adjustments for the work-life balance based on gender equality, also prepares diverse programs that help community members to deal with change and balance.


  • Location10, Noryangjin-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (connected to Daebang station line number 1)
  • Size17.957㎡
  • Use of Facilities
    • Work : meeting room, lounge, Seminar Room, Lounge etc.
    • Contents creation : Studio, Recording Studio
    • Education : Multipurpose Auditorium, Makerspace
  • ConceptSmall communities between alleys, a harmony of emptiness and fullness.
    A Platform where lifestyle business led by women startups grow up
    and community members experience together.


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